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The desire to create something beautiful and unique with my own hands, either just for the joy of it or to make a gift, has been with me since early childhood. I have made a truly wide variety of items – from photo albums to dolls, from earrings to purses. I keep growing and nurturing my skills by educating myself academically in the field and by keeping up the daily practice of creating and crafting.


My biggest strength is the ability to find solutions in impossible situations. The need or desire to create something out of the ordinary is the challenge to fuel my fantasy and skills. The creative use of natural materials is a natural part of what I do and enjoy – my way of life.

Using both, our hands and our heads, is just what we love doing most, and we are quite good at that. The most exciting part is challenging our minds and being creative, finding new applications to materials and making this-can-not-be-done situations work despite everything.

The roof of our home in the village of Esna provides shade and cover to cosy living quarters, felt- and woodworking workshops, a display room, space for having fun and rooms for quests; and for about 100 tons of salt piled in a shed – yep, this house used to be the local general store and the huge salt mound was part of the package. We are still figuring out what to make of it ;)

Materials and ideas

Natural materials have warmth and soul. We wish to preserve that soul in items and interiors. Individual materials also have their own quirks and peculiarities, which make the experience in handling these materials incredibly important. 

Our work


Our products are available to be examined and purchased at these shops in Tallinn Old Town:


If you are interested in becoming a reseller or work with us in some other way, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email:
or by giving us a call: Lilian Bristol +372 5669 9206, Martin Bristol +372 5690 5590

Mõtleja Tigu OÜ
Jaama 1, Esna küla, Järvamaa 73102, Estonia